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Inspectisure Home Inspection Services

Picking the right home inspection software is a challenge even for seasoned inspectors. But, like many, Inspectisure owner, Adam Colliton, found himself trying to make this decision straight out of inspection school.

About Inspectisure


Adam Colliton launched Inspectisure with his wife, Julie, shortly after getting out of the Army. Bringing in his father, Andy, a long time general contractor, Adam was looking forward to launching this joint, family-run operation.

Time is money is the adage, and Adam and Andy didn’t want to spend anymore than necessary to produce thorough, good looking reports for their new clients. After doing their due diligence, they landed on the software offered by their inspection school and set to work.

A New Search Begins

The Collitons found that they approached technology differently, with differing levels of familiarity with mobile platforms especially. But, the tool they selected turned out to be mobile only. Between the limited platform availability and clunky interface, Adam concluded that they were spending way too much time every day on trying to get the reports out the door.

So, for the second time in a year, Adam started doing research. He wanted something that was usable across all platforms — tablet, phone, and computer — with seamless integration between them all. The Collitons envisioned a system where they could inspect with a tablet, take awkward pictures with their phone-camera, and quickly tie it all together on the computer when they got back to the office.

“I was looking for better, faster, smarter, and had just about given up hope when I saw that this new system, HomeHubZone, was on the market.” — Adam Colliton

Putting HomeHubZone Through Its Paces

HomeHubZone Circles

Having been burned once, Adam read everything he could on HomeHubZone and watched all the videos he could find. Then, he signed up to put it through its paces.

Adam immediately liked the intuitive interface. “It’s laid out the way we do inspections, room by room. Watching the tutorial videos gave me all I needed to start using HomeHubZone, so that I was up to speed in a couple of hours.”

Testing the system on mock inspections, Adam found that it checked all his boxes for seamless, cross platform synchronization. And, he really liked the control he had over how the report looks.

“I didn’t want to change my report to match what a software package restricted me to. And, I found with the settings, I could get the report to look just the way I wanted it to look.”

The Bottom Line

HomeHubZone is now Inspectisure’s chosen reporting solution. According to Adam, they are now saving about an hour of finishing time for each and every report that they deliver. Adam figures that the less tech-savvy you are, the more time savings you’ll experience with HomeHubZone. Ditching templates and generating from the MLS saves them time too, since they aren’t spending non-billable hours on system administration.

All that, and a report that the Collitons can be proud of. Adam says that he’s already recommended HomeHubZone to an inspector friend that was unhappy with their software. An, “out of town” inspector, he made a point to clarify.

save one hour per inspection

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