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By offering buyers resources and discounts, you’ll give them and ongoing reason to visit their inspection report – branded with your logo – keeping you top of mind.



Research shows that homebuyers overwhelmingly would welcome resources, offers, and discounts.


Our data-driven approach means your buyers get the right offers at the right time, from planning their move to new home repairs.


Your buyers will have the ability to opt out of receiving money-saving offers via email or insurance quotes at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major differences between your pricing options?

The major difference between the HomeHubZone Reports and Premium versions is the buyer experience. The Premium version adds to everything in Reports with extra resources that buyers say they want, including maintenance and moving checklists, moving resources, recall notice, and special offers and discounts. The Reports version is strictly limited to a high-quality report with optional links to equipment manuals.

Why is the enhanced buyer experience better for me as a home inspector?

Homebuyers now have another, long term reason to keep coming back to their inspection report, branded with your logo. The enhanced buyer experience with helpful resources and discounts provides an effortless ongoing chance for you to stay top of mind, delivering a service that they have said that they want.

Homebuyers have responded in our survey that they overwhelmingly would welcome resources, offers, and discounts as they are planning the move to their new home.The resources and discounts included with HomeHubZone Premium and Professional are another benefit that your homebuyers can receive by getting a HomeHubZone produced inspection report.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. We don’t believe in hidden fees. The prices listed above include everything from the product subscription to training, support, and version upgrades. Even the free Professional version.

Do you charge for individual reports?

You can produce an unlimited number of reports using any version of HomeHubZone.

Why are HomeHubZone's offers better for the homebuyer?

Other discounts and offers often come late in the buying/moving process, and they are one-size-fits-all, with little knowledge of the homebuyers’ specific needs. You can provide your buyers with data-driven value when they most need it, starting at the beginning of the cycle, available throughout the moving process, and into their home renovations and repairs.

What are your technology requirements?

A tablet running Android, minimum Lollipop, is required. The iPhone/iPad app requires iOS version 10 or above. You should also have some type of laptop or desktop computer with internet access and a current version internet browser in order to more easily setup your reporting environment and take advantage of a few post-inspection web-only features.

What type of training is available?

When you signup you will automatically receive a series of short training videos to give you the basics of HomeHubZone. However, we encourage all new users to signup for the free HomeHubZone online Master Class. It includes 10 easy lessons to give you all the information you need to confidently produce onsite inspection reports. Complete the Master Class and turn in the mock inspection to go Professional and use HomeHubZone for free. You will be prompted to signup for the Master Class after signing up for your HomeHubZone trial. We also have a forum and a knowledgebase to fill in the blanks.

How can you offer this much functionality to me for free and still stay in business?

Offering relevant, valuable discounts to the homebuyer not only provides them with extra benefits, but it also helps fund your use of HomeHubZone. We think this pricing model is a win-win, with more value for your homebuyer and decreased operating costs for your business.

We know that running a small business is expensive, and that you are constantly looking for ways to get the most value for your dollar. Our pricing model makes creating better reports not only faster, but more affordable as well.

I really like your reporting platform, but am not sure about giving my buyer the resources and discounts. What are my options

Our HomeHubZone Reports version limits the buyers’ view to strictly a professional HomeHubZone report without additional resources and offers. You can change your subscription to HomeHubZone Reports at any time.

I am an existing user, what does this new model mean for me?

We will continue to honor the free time you signed up with for originally and continue to get  HomeHubZone Premium free of charge. You have until your first bill date to successfully complete the Master Class to upgrade to HomeHubZone Professional and stay free of charge.

Will you share or sell my information?

No. We assure you that we are not selling the data to people who will send spam, or endlessly call your customers. Only HomeHubZone will make money saving offers available to your customers via our HomeSavingsZone marketplace and branded emails. For more on how we may use this data, please read our privacy policy and terms of use.

Will my customers get calls from other companies?

We do not call your customers but rather offer discounts and promotions through email, if the buyer desires, and the buyer dashboard.

Will giving my customers access to these resources and offers put me at risk?

No. We are very carefully choosing the language used when presenting checklists and listings to homebuyers. Nothing will ever be positioned as a recommendation on your behalf. HomeSavingsZone only offers resources, including tips, offers, and discounts matched to needs identified in your report.

What if my customers don't want to receive any offers?

Your buyers will have the ability to opt out of receiving money-saving offers via email at anytime. If they opt out, we will not contact them. They can still access savings in HomeHubZone and HomeSavingsZone if they change their minds in the future.

Does including listings with my reports violate any of the inspector association codes?

No. HomeHubZone is not making referrals on your behalf. We are strictly including listings that can be helpful to the homeowner. You, the inspector, are not incentivized in any way to report more defects, nor rewarded more for recording a defect that requires a repair.

Who owns my data?

We may be a cloud service and own our software code, but we do not own the data. Following norms commonly understood in the home inspection industry, once the buyer receives the report, they actually own the report, which includes the data.