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We are delighted and humbled to share our latest reviews with you. We promise to work our hardest every day to delight you with exceptional home inspection reporting software, superior support, and thorough, in-depth training.
“Excellent software. This is light years ahead of everything else. Well worth 4x the price they are asking. This software saved me three hours of work in my first day using it! If you’re a home inspector, give it a try today!”
“Great program. Really getting the hang of it. And it produces an awesome looking report. I especially love the fact that a client can get the manual of any the appliances right from the report. Amazing.”
Daniel Elkon, Tri State Home Inspection LLC
“Toby and her team are downright awesome! Keep changing the culture of home inspection! I freaking love it and am so stoked that I found HomeHubZone! Boom! The bomb dot com!”
“I wanted to tell you how delighted I was with the HomeHubZone report my buyer just received! The clean format made it very easy to read. I especially liked the brief summary at the top with links to the explanations and detail below. Having relevant product and services along with the report will be a big help to my buyers too.”
Carolyn Duffy, Broker Agent, John Greene Realtor
“I’ve been in the industry for 18 years and have never seen anything like HomeHubZone. You can customize it any way you can imagine. Just perform your inspection and click your findings. It cuts your report time in 1/2 and realtors will love it. I wish it had been available years ago.”
Mike Altizer, The Home Inspector, LLC
“I completed the Master Training Course and I want to congratulate you for a job WELL DONE. This is the best training I have seen for any home reporting software, bar none. Thank you very much for such a great solution!”
“You really did a great job with your getting started videos. They could easily be considered excellent distance learning documents. I’d give HomeHubZone an A+ on all of it.”
Ray Phillips, Home Inspector and Former Distance Web Course Reviewer

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June 14, 2016

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Fantastic Support

by Darren Jones, Carolina Home Inspect, LLC

“I want to mention how pleased I am with HomeHubZone support. I played around with the software a little and decided to try it out on my first inspection. I realized too late that I should have spent more time with the software before I used it on a job. However, HomeHubZone support came to the rescue.  I have to say that when I was finished with the inspection I was very nervous about how the report was going to turn out and if I could salvage my work. When I got back to my desktop I sat down and started putting everything together. I immediately had issues so I went to the support area and opened the support chat. Someone responded within a minute.

That was a huge turning point for me. They not only answered that question but were available by chat and phone the remainder of the day, as I muddled through my first report. Many companies offer phone, online chat, and email support but it takes hours or days to get a response. That’s not the case with HomeHubZone; they respond immediately and are available by phone if needed. They walked me through what I was doing wrong, explained the parts of the software I didn’t understand, and were very easy to work with. No they don’t pay me and I am not affiliated with them; they really have great support.

For those inspectors out there that would like to try this software but are concerned about training and support, don’t be. I had my report open in one tab of the browser and support chat open in the other tab. They were a click away whenever I needed them.  I am really looking forward to seeing their new intro course, but until then I am glad to know they are a click or a phone call away when I need help. And yes, they answer the phone when you call them too. I had a glitch in the software and they jumped in from their side and were able to fix it. I think if more inspectors knew how available HomeHubZone makes their support staff, more inspectors would give it a try.”

Adam Colliton

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Adam Colliton, Inspectisure