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Provide more value to your customers and agents!

Inspectors can now sign up to be in our all new HomeGauge Extra Care Service beta for home buyers! The HomeGauge Extra Care Service provides more value to your customers and agents! This beta program also comes with HomeGauge Services at no cost to you, even for multi-inspector firms! (see details below)

How does it work?

After a home inspection, the next step of the home ownership journey for many of your buyers is homeowners insurance. Prices can vary sharply between carriers and they all want a lot of information from the buyer. Many times the buyer engages the agent too, which can put a drag on their time. The information the carriers need has just been expertly collected by you at the home inspection. We can use that information to get them a better quote, saving time and hassle. In some areas of the country we can help your buyers get a discount too. Please note that this is an opt-in program — inspectors who do not opt in will not participate in any way or share any info.

When you sign up for the Extra Care Service your home buyer can get a quote fast and without any effort after they get the inspection report. Most people get roughly 2 quotes so this can be one to compare.

Getting an insurance quote and having to submit info by pulling it out of your report can be a hassle and take a lot of time. With HomeGauge’s Extra Care Service you’re solving real problems for the buyer and their real estate agent (it’s the next step), by making an insurance connection available to them.

The industry is changing — inspection reporting is not just report writing anymore — it’s becoming more buyer-centric and buyers want more services. The HomeGauge Extra Care Service helps inspectors market their business (something HomeGauge has always strived to do) by providing a real value-added service for their home buyers and real estate agents.

The basics

  • Delight your home buyers by easing the transition from inspection to insurance coverage. They can opt out at any time.
  • Inspectors that participate in this program are eligible to get their HomeGauge Subscription at $29/month (normally $59/month) or can get their HomeGauge Services at no charge (normally $30/month).
  • Real estate agents love, love, love this. It’s less work they have to do to make their buyers happy.
  • No means no. If a buyer says they’re not interested, that’s the last they’ll hear from us or anyone from the Extra Care Service.
  • We protect your clients’ data. No gimmicks.

Hear what a beta tester has to say

Dennis Kruger of Southern Wisconsin Home Inspections, LLC

This program allows inspectors to:

  • Give home buyers more value from your inspections — it’s a great marketing tool for the inspector because it saves time for the buyer and agent alike. The inspector doesn’t have to do anything extra!
  • Provide additional personalized services for your buyer without additional work on your part — with the Extra Care Program, if your buyer hasn’t logged in to get their report within 24 hours of report upload, HomeGauge can call to make sure they know how to access their report so they can take full advantage of CRL and other features.
  • Establish a relationship with local insurance agents (a great lead source for the inspector), and have your expertly-provided information used for an accurate homeowners insurance quote for your clients.
  • Get your HomeGauge Services at no cost while you are in the program.
  • Look good to real estate agents because you save them time and headaches.

This program allows buyers to:

  • Choose to get an insurance quote using information that was collected by an expert — the inspector.
  • Provide feedback about the inspection in a timely manner.
  • Feel like they have a trusted partner to help get them in their new home.

This program allows insurance agents to:

  • Get accurate home info collected by an expert.
  • Establish a relationship with local inspectors.

This program allows real estate agents to:

  • Spend more time on obtaining new clients and less time on answering past client questions regarding insurance.

 Frequently asked questions

Please take a moment to read through our FAQs — we hope that most of your questions will be answered. If you have questions that are not covered in our FAQs, please email us at rebecca@homegauge.com or call us directly at (828) 608-0552. We’d love to hear your feedback!

HomeGauge Extra Care Service FAQ

*HomeGauge Extra Care Service is only available in the US.

Ready to get started or have more questions? Please email us at rebecca@homegauge.com or call HomeGauge at (828) 608-0552.