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Home Inspection Reporting Software Features

Decrease Report Delivery Time

Delight Your Customers by Decreasing Report Delivery Time

Homebuyers, realtors, and sellers want to move to the financing stage as quickly as possible. Any delay in the inspection report will cause them to become anxious, agitated, and question your service quality.

Shave hours off of your delivery time with HomeHubZoneTM Smart DefaultsTM, optimized workflow and patent-pending technology, reducing keystrokes by over 50%.

Inspection Reports that Stand Out

Impress Realtors and Increase Referrals With Reports That Stand Out

Inspection reports from HomeHubZone are rated A+ Quality.  They are:

  • Prioritized – clearly identify critical issues vs minor maintenance items using layman’s terms.
  • Easy to Read – can easily navigate reports and quickly scan for important information.
  • Professional – visually appealing and expertly formatted with no extra effort.
  • Trustworthy – ensuring the item status and summary page always reflects the problems reported.
  • Always Available – easily accessible by all interested parties.
Inspection Reports that Stand Out

Take Full Advantage of the Cloud

HomeHubZone is the only software to automatically keep your devices in sync, requiring no effort from you. Take a picture with your tablet app and it’s automatically uploaded to the Web. Update or add a concern on the Web app and it’s immediately present on your tablet.*

Inspection Reports that Stand Out

Never Lose Your Work

Drop your tablet? Lose your phone? Computer on the fritz? Hours of on-site work lost to technology? Automatic syncing with the cloud assures you never lose your photos or your work due to hardware or software failures again!

Helpful Report Extras for Buyers

Deliver More Value By Providing Helpful Information to Buyers

Make it easy for your clients to have appliance manuals at their fingertips, when they need them most. Periodically coming back to your report keeps you top of mind, since 90% of the time the appliance manuals are not handed over as part of the home sale transaction.

Identifying a recall on an appliance in a home your client is about to purchase is relevant and timely information. Include possible recalls on the appliances and equipment in your inspection report for no extra charge, without waiting for days!

Inspection Reports that Stand Out

Keep Your Name Out Front With Valuable Resources and Discounts

According to our survey, 99% of homebuyers want a maintenance checklist with their report, 96% want annual maintenance tips, and 87% would appreciate some type of offers and discounts to apply to their move and new home projects. With HomeHubZone, you can provide these valuable extras and more along with your professional inspection report.

All of these resources feature your name front and center, helping to increase your referrals. And, there’s no extra work for you to do to assemble and distribute these resources for your buyer. Effortlessly stay top of mind, providing these extra benefits to your buyers, branded with your logo.


HomeHubZone Platforms

HomeHubZone At a Glance

HomeHubZone includes a full suite of home inspection reporting tools to make your life easier and your reports stand out. Keep checking back. We’ve got even more breakthrough features planned for the upcoming months.


*Requires internet connection to sync. If an update is made while the tablet is offline, syncing will automatically occur as soon as the device connects to the internet.