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To help achieve our shared goal of making buying a home and homeownership easier, American Family Insurance Mutual Holding Company (AFI Holdings) recently acquired the software platform and intellectual property of HomeHubZone.
We have made tremendous strides in developing an inspection reporting platform that has been well-received by the industry.  Our desire to grow and expand the platform exceeded our ability to invest in it. Partnering with AFI Holdings and HomeGauge allows us to bring you more features and opens the door to more inspectors.
There are many software features that we want to accelerate and add to the platform, and AFI Holdings has the resources to help us do that.
You, the HomeHubZone inspector, have asked for many features that, with the future platform of HomeGauge and HomeHubZone, we will be able to deliver. In addition, AFI Holdings is exploring several new opportunities that will benefit HomeHubZone inspectors and partners. Stay tuned in the coming months for more details.
AFI Holdings, which currently owns several insurance companies, was looking to diversify their portfolio, and a company like HomeHubZone, that helps make buying a home and homeownership easier, provides that diversity. Rest assured, there will be no surprise sales calls or emails to you or your customers from AFI Holdings or any AFI affiliate. Any programs that share information will require an opt-in.
Your HomeHubZone data and personal information will be kept secure and private throughout this process. Any program will require opt-in. As an insurance company, AFI Holdings takes management of customer information and privacy of customer data seriously.
We will be reviewing the needs of HomeHubZone and HomeGauge customers to help inform plans for the platform of the future, leveraging the best features and capabilities of both products.  The future platform is likely to include many of the elements you’ve come to love in HomeHubZone. And we will work diligently on an easy transition plan to the platform of the future to reduce your burden. Personally, while my role will expand, you can rest assured that HHZ will continue to support you with the high level of customer support you expect from us.
Yes, and for the better.  We will also return to our original model: Professional users can use this software for free whether or not you choose to use Recall Check, Premium users pay $9.99 per month until the Master Class is passed, and Reports users will pay $29.99 per month. Also, there are no longer pay-for-inspection charges. For those of you that have unused inspections, we will be refunding your money.
You will be refunded for any unused inspections as of November 15, 2017.  That refund will be processed within 30 days.
You are no longer required to use RecallChek, but are welcome to continue using it if you choose.  The integration will remain a part of HomeHubZone for the foreseeable future.
Of course you can.  Just go to My Account on the Web App and change your version to HomeHubZone Premium. If you completed enough inspections, you will be automatically set to HomeHubZone Professional.
At the current time, nothing has changed.  As we review our operations and future platform direction, we will evaluate the current support model and look to expand support by leveraging the additional resources available to us.  But, rest assured, we will continue to provide the high level of support you have come to expect.
I will continue to support you and represent your needs.  As an employee of AFI Holdings, my role will expand with involvement in decisions about the future platform.
The market center is still available to your homebuyers if you are a HomeHubZone Premium or HomeHubZone Professional subscriber.  As the plans with AFI Holdings unfolds, more and/or different homebuyer value may be available.

Please contact with any additional questions not answered on this page.

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