As we have built an ever-growing database of inspection data, I thought it might be interesting to share some of what we can learn from the data.  One interesting tidbit is a simple question.  Where is the thermostat most usually located in a home?  Now we can break this data down by region, state or metropolitan area.  But looking across North America, where would you guess?  Well below you can see the statistics. I’m personally surprised, but would love to hear your comments.  Where do you find your thermostats?

Bedroom 51.62%
Living Room 17.82%
Hallway and Stairs 17.08%
Dining Room 7.47%
Family Room 5.54%
Other Room 0.16%
Kitchen 0.15%
Bathroom 0.06%
Basement 0.03%
Laundry Room / Mudroom 0.02%

There is so much more to learn and I plan on posting other insightful information over time.  What do you want to see?  What is the most common concern reported?  Where is the water heater typically located by region?  How many houses have old HVAC equipment?  Would you love to see this for your area?  Could you use this data for lunch n learns?