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We’ve been listening to what you and your homebuyers want and have rolled all the feedback into a new super release — version 2 of HomeHubZone — debuting to inspectors and buyers on August 8th. This new release will give you more capabilities on more platforms, and provide unparalleled benefits to your homebuyers to increase your referrals.

If you are worried about learning HomeHubZone, don’t be. Version 2 also includes a free, interactive Master Class that can not only get you up to speed with our inspection software in record time, but can actually save you money.

Keep reading to learn how you can improve your own reporting experience and that of your homebuyer, and stop paying for home inspection software.

For You, the Home Inspector

Over the last six months, we’ve been steadily releasing new features for individual home inspectors, to make your reports more customizable, and our apps easier and faster to use. But, our support for multi-inspector firms was limited to having two people in the field, simultaneously sharing the same inspection and staying in sync.

Multi-Inspector Support

HomeHubZone version 2 now includes improved support for multi-inspector firms, including:
The ability for an Administrative user to:

multi-inspector firms

  • Add new inspectors and admins – Manage your own group of users and control who has access to the settings that will control the formatting and content of the reports your firm delivers.
  • Access settings for the group – Control all the report formatting and content settings for your group of users, including labels, colors, report layout, summary groupings, and more.
  • Define standard Concerns, Disclaimers and Descriptions – When the admin edits the library, changes are automatically propagated to the remaining inspectors to ensure consistent and clear reports.
Non-Administrative users:
  • Can still make edits in the field as they need, to reflect the unique nature of random inspection issues.
  • Don’t need to spend time setting up their reports, and can use that time to conduct inspections instead.
  • Automatically get all the updates the administrative users make.

inspection app for ipad and iphone

Use HomeHubZone on Your Favorite Apple Device

That’s right, with this release we are introducing the beta version for iOS devices. You’ve always been able to use the Web App from your Mac browser, but now you can take your iPad and/or iPhone on your inspections running the HomeHubZone mobile app. We’ve included all your favorite features in the iOS version, including the ability to:

  • Inspect room-by-room and still report by system.
  • Effortlessly sync your inspections between your mobile device and the cloud.
  • Integrate the process of capturing photos and videos and recording concerns.
  • Automatically bring in information from the MLS and make setting up and completing your report a breeze.
  • Easily manage your Concern library from the mobile app — without having to worry about updating templates.

We already have many inspectors in the beta program, and expect to have the production app available in the iTunes store before the end of the summer.

For Your Homebuyers

In our recent Homebuyer Survey*, 83% of respondents told us that they were likely to recommend their inspector. But, only 68% of buyers relied on recommendations of friends and relatives to choose their inspector. Even fewer said that they considered their prior inspector when selecting a professional for their most recent inspection.

The question is, how to stay top of mind when you are delivering an inspection report with a limited shelf life? How to make sure buyers remember your name and contact information to share with a friend, or for their own next inspection?

We found the answers to these questions in the same Homebuyer Survey results:

want annual maintenance recommendations for their new home
want a checklists of to-do’s based on inspection findings
want special offers and discounts for moving, services, equipment replacement, and more
want ongoing notices of future recalls

Homebuyer Resources to Keep You Top of Mind

We are redesigning the buyers’ HomeHubZone experience to include helpful resources that will keep them coming back for more. Over the next couple of months, buyers will get access to invaluable resources to help them plan their move and stay on top of their new home, including:

  • Maintenance Checklists automatically produced from their inspection results.
  • Moving Checklists with helpful resources.
  • Special discounts and resources that match their needs as identified in your inspection report, available from their HomeHubZone dashboard and subtle callouts in their reports.
  • Easy access to appliance manuals and recall notices issued for their equipment.
  • The ability to opt-in to email offers and discounts on products and services they’ll need and want. They can opt out at any time.
  • Ongoing maintenance tips for their new property.
All of these resources feature your name front and center, helping to increase your referrals. And, there’s no extra work for you to do to assemble and distribute these resources for your buyer. Effortlessly stay top of mind, providing these extra benefits to your buyers, without spending any extra of your time.

Become a HomeHubZone Professional With Our Master Class

HomeHubZone inspection reporting Master ClassIf you like to have a little help learning new software, our new online Master Class is for you. On demand and self-paced, the Master Class covers virtually every corner of HomeHubZone in 10 easy lessons.

Complete with videos, exercises, cheat sheets, and checklists, the class also includes a recorded webinar and access to HomeHubZone Support staff. Complete the “final” mock inspection to have your HomeHubZone usage fees waived.

Forever Affordable

We know that running a small business is expensive, and that you are constantly looking for ways to get the most value for your dollar. Our new pricing model makes creating better reports not only faster, but more affordable as well.

With the release of version 2 of HomeHubZone, we are locking in a $10 a month subscription fee for new users. You can try HomeHubZone free for 90 days, with all the features and no limitations. No credit card required.

Go Professional for Free

When you successfully complete the mock inspection in the Master Class, we will promote you to the HomeHubZone Professional version, with all the same features as HomeHubZone, but with no monthly fee. Yes, it’s really a great deal. Complete the free Master Class, and you can use HomeHubZone Professional free of charge.

Sign up now to try HomeHubZone Free for 90 Days. Complete the Master Class and “pass” the mock inspection before your trial runs out, and use HomeHubZone Professional for free!

For more information about HomeHubZone versions and our pricing policies, please visit our pricing page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Changes to the buyers’ view will begin rolling in on August 8th, including the maintenance and moving checklist and subtle callouts to special discounts and the HomeSavingsZone market center.
Changes to the buyers’ view will begin rolling in on August 8th, including the maintenance and moving checklist and subtle callouts to special discounts and the HomeSavingsZone market center.

Homebuyers now have another, long term reason to keep coming back to their inspection report dashboard, branded with your logo. The enhanced buyer experience with helpful resources and discounts provides an effortless ongoing chance for you to stay top of mind, delivering a service that they have said that they want.

Homebuyers have responded in our survey that they overwhelmingly would welcome resources, offers, and discounts as they are planning the move to their new home.The resources and discounts included with HomeHubZone Premium and Professional are another benefit that your homebuyers can receive by getting a HomeHubZone produced inspection report.

Yes. In the near future, buyers with PDF reports will get access to special, targeted offers on their report. They’ll also be able to signup to see all available discounts and resources available to them on HomeHubZone.
Offering relevant, valuable discounts to the homebuyer not only provides them with extra benefits, but it also helps fund your use of HomeHubZone. We think this pricing model is a win-win, with more value for your homebuyer and decreased operating costs for your business.

We know that running a small business is expensive, and that you are constantly looking for ways to get the most value for your dollar. Our new pricing model makes creating better reports not only faster, but more affordable as well.

You will get version 2 of HomeHubZone Premium free of charge. We will honor the free time from version 1. You have until that date to either successfully complete the Master Class or post 10 or more actual inspections to keep HomeHubZone Professional and stay free of charge.
We have a new HomeHubZone Reports version that limits the buyers’ view to strictly a professional HomeHubZone report without additional resources and offers. You can downgrade your subscription to HomeHubZone Reports at any time. The subscription fee for HomeHubZone Reports is $30 per month. See our pricing page for more details.
Other discounts and offers often come late in the buying/moving process, and they are one-size-fits-all, with little knowledge of the homebuyers’ specific needs. You can provide your buyers with data-driven value when they most need it, starting at the beginning of the cycle, available throughout the moving process, and into their home renovations and repairs.
No. We don’t share or sell any of your information to anyone and we never will, unless you explicitly authorize us to do so. Only HomeHubZone will make money saving offers available to your customers via our HomeSavingsZone marketplace and branded emails. For more on how we may use this data, please read our privacy policy and terms of use.
No. Nobody will ever call your customer to solicit business, unless you specifically tell them to do so.
No. We are very carefully choosing the language used when presenting checklists and listings to homebuyers. Nothing will ever be positioned as a recommendation on your behalf. HomeSavingsZone only only offers resources, including tips, offers, and discounts matched to needs identified in your report.
Your buyers will have the ability to opt out of receiving money-saving offers via email at anytime. If they opt out, we will not contact them again. They can still access savings in HomeHubZone and HomeSavingsZone if they change their minds in the future.
No. HomeHubZone is not making referrals on your behalf. We are strictly including listings that can be helpful to the homeowner. You, the inspector, are not incentivized in any way to report more defects, nor rewarded more for recording a defect that requires a repair.
We may be a cloud service and own our software code, but we do not own the data. Following norms commonly understood in the home inspection industry, once the buyer receives the report, they actually own the report, which includes the data. If they would like, they can download the PDF and request to delete their account and all the associated data.

If you want to delete your account, we will remove any open and scheduled inspections. But, once posted to the homebuyer, they would need to be the ones asking to delete their reports and their data.

We do not share or sell your data. We do not make any personally identifiable information known to any outside parties with the exception of contracted partners who may be processing the information on our behalf and who are constrained by our privacy policy. Neither we nor our business partners will call your customers, unless they reach out to us or you explicitly ask us to do so.

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*2016 Homebuyer Inspection Survey performed by HomeHubZone. Included 204 respondents who purchased a single family home or condominium in the preceding 15 months, and hired a professional home inspector.

Updated August 9, 2016 to reflect that version 2.0 is now live.