On Friday, I finished a week and a half of traveling around this nation meeting with home inspectors to get feedback on the very early release our products.

Let me start out by saying how absolutely gracious everybody was. From Dan who had to make an early exit from a play date with his granddaughter to Rob who, due to one of many alterations in my flight schedule because of both weather and United Airlines incompetency, picked me up from the airport and added a tour of Corpus Christi, Texas to my visit.  Everyone couldn’t have been more generous, kind or helpful.

The results and input we obtained are immeasurably beneficial. We were evaluating the processes to enter home inspection photos, concerns, disclaimers, and descriptions, the key processes completed on-site during a home inspection.  We learned where things are working well, where peoples eyes or fingers were drawn on the screen, what features could not be found and what features were absolutely special.

The trip included nine flight segments, six cities, one missed connection, two late arrivals, one absentee pilot, seven late departures, hours sitting on the runway, three rainy cities, some beautiful areas of the country I’ve never traveled to before, one $150 taxi ride and a lesson in looking at a map before you book a flight to see if it would just be easier to drive (a 5 1/2 hour mistake).

All in all, the trip was a huge success and well worth the investment in time and money to ensure we have the best home inspection reporting product possible.

Good news for all the participants.  Everyone who participated has at least one entry into the contest to win a drone.

Thanks again for your participation.