We are really excited to announce our new Inspection Support Network integration! Now, ISN users can have HomeHubZone™ automatically post their HTML inspection reports to ISN, triggering emails to buyers and realtors! Posting an inspection as an HTML webpage has many advantages over emailing a PDF that we think ISN users and their customers will really appreciate, including:

  • Eliminating worries about large PDF files not making it to buyer’s inbox
  • Providing access to buyers and realtors across all their devices, at home and at work
  • Great interactive experience, with easy navigation throughout
  • Eliminating the need for page breaks and unnecessary white space
  • Buyers can click on pictures to enlarge and play videos right inline in the report

While we have had the ability to automatically pull new inspections from ISN to HomeHubZone, this latest release adds the ability to:

  • Post an HTML Report Link Through ISN
  • Automatically Capture ISN Buyer and Realtor Email Address Changes in HomeHubZone
  • Accept More Formats for Phone Numbers, Including ISN Formatting

How to Post an HTML Report Through ISN

  1. Go to HomeHubZone Settings >> ISN Integration
  2. Enable integration and set your keys (as provided by ISN)
  3. Enable “Post report links to ISN” by checking the selection box.
ISN integration settings

HomeHubZone Settings for ISN Integration

4.  Adjust your email templates in ISN, ensuring you have the tag %reportlink% and adjusting the copy with any different instructions you want to provide. Pay particular attention to any reference to the PDF that should be removed. Don’t forget about templates and email events you have configured that you send to the buyer’s agent.

Go to email templates

Go to email templates

If you want the email to automatically be sent to your buyer and realtor from ISN, you will need to ensure you have email events set up that trigger from the posting of the inspection.

Go to email events

1. Go to email events

Update email event

2. Update an email event

5.  When all is setup correctly and you post through HomeHubZone,

  • The link will be posted to ISN
  • The inspection will be marked as complete
  • Any email events you have configured will trigger as per your configuration

Important Notes:

  • If you make any changes, you can re-post but the email event will NOT trigger from ISN. You will have to manually push an email out to your buyer or realtor.
  • At this time, the seller’s agent can not access the report, so do not trigger an email to the seller’s agent.