You’ve asked for more control over your report formatting and more powerful concern entry and we’ve heard you loud and clear. Our release that rolls out tonight ups the ante in both of these areas, enabling you to create exactly the style of report you want in less time than ever before.
Note that this is a mandatory free upgrade for current users and the app must be updated to sync successfully with the web. Do not dismiss the prompt to upgrade your app from the Google Play Store.

Enhanced Concern Entry

After speaking with many of you about how you go about noting your Concerns and assigning them to pictures, we have refined the process of adding Concerns to make it even faster with more control.

With this release you can:

  • Add Concerns faster than ever before.
  • Choose whether Concern edits should update the current Concern or be saved as an entirely new Concern.*
  • Remove Concerns that you no longer wish to keep in your current list.*
  • Add multiple Concerns to a photo, and distinctly annotate for each concern.
  • Add/update a Concern Repair Cost in the mobile app.
  • Add/update a ‘More Info’ Link in the mobile app.
  • More easily filter Concerns to rapidly find the one you are looking for.

Watch the Video Walkthru of the New Concern Dialog

*Note, changes to Concerns affect the current and future inspections only. Posted inspections will keep all the information as specified at the time the report was posted.

New Report Formatting Settings

Want to control all of your colors? Ok. Done. Pick which icons to use for item status? You can now do that to. You can also change all your report labels, take more control of how concerns roll up into the summary, if at all, and more.

Based on your feedback, we are adding many more options in our settings to control the report formatting. Many of these settings will also affect what you see in the tablet and web apps when you are inspecting, to maintain continuity between the inspection and reporting experience.

Summary of What’s New in This Release:*

  • Customize the Item Status label, icon, label color, and icon color.
  • Change how the Item Status auto-calculates for you.
  • Remove any Item Statuses you don’t want to use.
  • Change Concern Significance labels and colors.
  • Disable selected Concern Significances and Item Statuses.
  • Change the color of the headings in the summary section.

Complete Control Over Your Labels, Groupings, Colors, & Icons

We’ve had many inspectors who want to customize all their labels, colors, and icons.

Some like the way we group things out of the box, but others want to limit their Summary groupings to just a few; or have a standard set of 5 ways to categorize the Significance of their Concerns; or really think an Item Status should be limited to either working as intended or needs further attention.

With the enhanced control in HomeHubZone, you can accomplish all of this and more. So, for example, if you want to have a report with only . . .

It’s easy to do. And, you can click to change the color associated with any of these, to make your inspection report look just the way you like. For more on making the report look the way you want it to, check out this blog post.

Check out the new Settings when they launch and customize your report to your heart’s content!

More Features With Continuous Releases

You may have noticed that we release new features every few weeks, even though HomeHubZone is now a production product. Read more about our continuous release cycles and the benefits it brings to inspectors.

*Important Settings Notes
  • Any changes you make to your settings for colors, labels, Item Statuses, Significances, etc. will only affect your current and future inspections. Posted inspections will retain the settings that were in place at their time of posting.
  • If you want to disable a particular Significance, HomeHubzone will prompt you to move any concerns with that Significance to a still-enabled Significance.
  • Current HomeHubZone users will see these new options in their settings, but the upgrade default will be to match your settings before the upgrade. You can customize from there.