(This is a copy of the announcement that was sent January 25, 2017 to customers on record who were actively using HomeHubZone)

While everyone has been busy enjoying the holiday season, we at HomeHubZone have been working diligently on a few exciting projects that will help grow your business and impress your clients. We are happy to announce a few great partnerships all geared towards your success.

RecallChek: Our first exciting announcement is that RecallChek is now FREE with HomeHubZone and HomeHubZone is now free for all ISG Full Concierge Users! We are excited to bring you these great services helping you grow your business as part of the HomeHubZone App.

Relocations: We are also announcing that we are bringing you more inspections with little effort on your part by working with a national relocation firm focused on helping seniors more quickly transition to assisted living.

Both of these announcements are targeted at helping you grow your business by adding to your book of business, exposing you to new realtors and differentiating you from your competitors.  These great partnerships start rolling out in February with more benefits provided over time. I know you probably want more details, so here they are:


Starting February, HomeHubZone is officially FREE FOREVER and now optionally includes RecallChek and a completely free service for your clients from Full Concierge for moving utilities and setting up their home services. If you’re already a client of Full Concierge from The Inspector Services Group, HomeHubZone is not only free but will enhance your overall client experience with the best integration package that only a few of the top home inspection software providers have implemented. If you’re not a client of the Full Concierge service, the fastest growing service in the industry serving thousands of the top home inspection companies in North America, it’s automatic and if you want to utilize RecallChek within the HomeHubZone platform you will never receive a bill.

What happens if your clients don’t want the concierge service? It’s easy to exclude them. Around 5% of clients generally opt out of the service, 95% remain in the program, over 40% answer the call, and over 20% utilize the service.

If you don’t want to offer the Concierge level service for your clients? That’s okay! You will have the option of changing your version to HomeHubZone Reports where you pay for the software on a per inspection basis. This version still includes our world class support, incredibly simple to use platform, and no ads at all whatsoever.

Still want to know more? See our FAQs.

Relocation Inspections

Do you have free time in your schedule? Do you want to have home inspections handed to you? HomeHubZone has an arrangement with a relocation firm to hire home inspections for seniors moving to senior living facilities in or near your area. If you want a chance at earning $300 and up from these home inspections, just by saying yes to the inspection, HomeHubZone can help.

  1. All you have to do is:
  2. Sign up for the program
  3. Learn how to use HomeHubZone (for free)
  4. Learn about the a few special considerations for these inspections

We are looking for inspectors in a few areas with more locations coming in the future. The first three people to sign up in each region will get preferred status on any new order. Stay tuned for more details on the locations and instructions on how to sign up.

*** Requirements: Must be a licensed home inspector through your state or a national association, have E&O insurance, and use HomeHubZone for these inspection reports…