After announcing the big 2.0 release last month, we took a step back to see what else our inspectors have been asking for. We’ve just released an update that provides several of the most oft-requested features.

If you haven’t loaded up the app recently, go to the Google Play Store to make sure you’ve updated your HomeHubZone™ app, then check out these new enhancements:

  • Save Your Pictures and Videos to the Android Gallery
  • Save a Concern for One Inspection Only
  • Full On Concern Editing in the Report Preview
  • More Control for Multi-Inspector Admins
  • Send Your Reports to More People

Save Your Pictures and Videos to the Android Gallery

We’ve heard from some inspectors that they’d like to keep a set of their pictures outside of their HomeHubZone inspection. So, we’ve added the ability to export all the photos taken for an inspection to your Android Gallery (coming soon to iOS). From there, you can put them on a thumb drive, upload them to Dropbox, or to any other storage location.

Saved Media to the Android Gallery

Quick Tip: Have you ever taken a photo in the HomeHubZone app and then forgotten where you put it? Export your pictures to the Android Gallery and find the picture. The filename will tell you where you find it in the app.

Save a Concern for One Inspection Only

Keep your concern library free of unwanted clutter. For those times when you encounter a really unique situation, you can record your concern for the inspection, but elect to NOT save it to your library.

One time only Concern

Full On Concern Editing in Report Preview

We have upped our game when it comes to in-report editing. Now, you can click on any concern in the Report Preview and access the full Concern dialog box. This capability is a big time saver, whether you want to fix a minor typo or you want to do some major editing.

In the example below, we quickly created a new Custom Concern with a * during the inspection to remind us that we had more editing to do before sending out the report. Finding the * later in the Report Preview, you can simply click on the pencil.

Edit in the Inspection Report Preview

HomeHubZone will bring up the full Concern dialog box to make any major or minor edits.

Concern Dialog Box

Click the [SAVE] button and you are right back previewing your report.

More Control for Multi-Inspector Admins

Maintain quality control over your firm’s concern library. HomeHubZone will lock non-admin users from editing your approved, common concerns, but still allow them to create/edit one-time-only concerns for their unique inspection situations.

Send Your Reports to More People

Satisfy your buyers’ requests to forward the report to other parties involved in the sale, including the lawyers; seller and seller’s agent; mortgage brokers; and insurance agents; not to mention the buyers’ parents.

To reflect this change, we’ve replaced the “Buyer Information” option with Inspection Contacts.

Add Inspection Contacts


Pick from existing contacts that you’ve sent to before, or add a new one. You can now send a report to as many contacts as requested by the buyer.

Pick the contact type


In addition to you sending a report on their behalf, buyers can now forward the report link themselves, either directly through email, or via their buyers’ dashboard. They can simply click the envelope on their Dashboard to send, fill in the recipient info, and customize their text.

Buyer can forward report too!

We’re constantly looking at what you want and need in HomeHubZone and queuing up the enhancements. If you have been wanting us to do something, but haven’t told us, please email Support with your request. We’d love to hear from you!