Do you ever talk to realtors who ask you how common some problem may be?  Are you looking to impress the realtors with your knowledge of the industry?  HomeHubZone is going to pull facts from our ever-growing database to help you gain more national and local knowledge about what is found in homes.  This month’s fact is about Federal Pacific Panels.

Federal Pacific Panels, a panel with a dubious safety history and the subject of a class action lawsuit, are the 6th most common panels but are in only 2.6% of homes inspected using HomeHubZone.  Even more interesting is that the top 2 electric service panel manufacturers represent almost 50% of the market with Square D clearly at the top. The top 4 represent almost 75% of the market.

The top 10 are as follows:

Stay tuned for more monthly data facts.  Are there facts you would like to see?  Comment on this post with your ideas.