I’ve heard it again and again at every inspector conference I attend. “Water is the bane of every house”

“Bane”.   A cause of great distress or annoyance.  Synonyms are nuisance, headache, nightmare, misery and woe.

Given that water flows through the house like a kid can tear through a candy store and causes numerous issues the most serious which is damage or mold, it is clear why it is  problem.  Insurance companies fear water damage as much as fire damage.  

So, it got me wondering.  What is the most common cause of moisture in a home?  In this issue of HomeHubZone MonthlyDataZone, we evaluate the most common items that leak or have evidence of moisture.

Top 10 Sources of Moisture

The bathroom / kitchen seems to be the main culprit of water not staying contained.  One would think there is a manufacturing opportunity somewhere in those statistics.  How do you design a sink / faucet that is more durable over time.

Top 10 Areas Impacted by Moisture

What is interesting here is that regardless of the delicate nature of faucets, the moisture that has broader impact is more likely caused elsewhere.  That would better explain ceiling wall and roof sheathing.  

Do you have any other ideas for topics for the Monthly Data Zone?  Please reply to this blog post with your burning questions.