Update August 10, 2016 – InterNACHI Benefits Have Been Updated with Version 2.0. New Free Trial Period is 90 Days, with the Ability to Stay Free When you Pass the Free Master Class. Plus, New InterNACHI Users Can Get a Free Design Consult.

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We are excited to announce our new relationthip with InterNACHI! To celebrate our new partnership, we are offering InterNACHI members who signup by February 21, 2016 a FREE 3 year Premium Subscription for HomeHubZone! After the 21st, InterNACHI inspectors will still get extra time free, starting off with 2 years free use of HomeHubZone’s revolutionary inspection reporting software.

Stronger Together

InterNACHI is an elite, non-profit inspection association. Their home buying clients enjoy the professionalism only InterNACHI Certified Inspectors can provide. And now, InterNACHI members will also have free access to HomeHubZone to create industry-leading inspection reports.

InterNACHI Premium Subscription Includes it All

The free offer is not a subset of HomeHubZone’s features; it’s a full Premium Subscription with the ability to produce unlimited reports per month. HomeHubZone started by throwing out all preconceptions about reporting tools, and instead analyzed how inspectors worked both during and after the onsite inspection. The result is a revolutionary solution to what appeared to be a forms-based problem.

HomeHubZone allows inspectors to fill out their inspection room-by-room, while still producing a report that is organized by system. The tablet-based room-by-room design can save tremendous time by eliminating the need to swap back and forth between screens when navigating an inspection.

Other intelligent HomeHubZone features that can help inspectors create better reports faster than ever before include:

  • Smart Technology that makes your job faster and easier.
  • Features your homebuyers and realtors will love, like recall checks, links to appliance manuals and Smart Summary pages.
  • Tablet and Web Apps + automatic cloud syncing.
  • Full support.
  • Input to future HomeHubZone releases.
  • Continual updates.
  • And More!

Sign Up Now!

To take advantage of the special InterNACHI terms, members must signup on the InterNACHI signup page and provide their NACHI membership number.