As we start to gain some momentum, I am excited about the great progress we have made so far.  We are refining the inspection reporting workflow to ensure an optimum experience for home inspectors through usability tests, ensuring we uncover as many unique conditions as we can.

What has me most excited is that we have begun developing the integration points that make up part of the unique nature of HomeHubZoneTM. Between that and our first ASHI InspectionWorld conference, where we were able to meet more inspectors and other vendors and begin to forge strategic partnerships, my excitement is hard to contain.

We even had a great conversation with one of the main franchising organizations – it surprises me how many insist on writing their own software; which is not a core area and has to be incredibly expensive.  I was delighted to see how open and welcoming everyone was – there is a clear need for improvement in the inspection processes and there are lots of great ideas that were shared. I am not sure if they will all make the first iteration but the roadmap will be expansive.

I attended some great presentations especially Miki Mertz on “Improve Your Report Writing, Improve your Business” as I enjoy hearing the varied opinions about what makes and does not make a good report.  Also Dominic Maricic on Turn your Website Into a Call-Generating Machine where my favorite line was akin to “your website is first in the Google search results – for you”.

My final thought on the conference is that I am looking forward far more to the 2016 conference in San Diego than in chilly Philly.

Despite all that, I have finished analyzing all the data from the inspection reporting survey and have delivered the first slice.  The second component on the types of devices used for reporting and photography is designed and in review to be released as soon as enough proofreading eyes have been on it.

To complement the inspection reporting survey, a realtor survey has been released. I am now lining up realtors through social networking to participate.  The home inspectors are far more interested in answering surveys than the realtors, so a little creativity is needed to generate the volume or responses we received on the inspection reporting survey.

I can’t wait to see the comparison between the inspectors and the realtors perception.  The most interesting aspect of releasing the surveys is how many comments are added providing real insight into the mindset of the inspector.  I truly enjoy the back and forth between the inspectors and hearing their no-holds barred views.