Have you ever wondered what homebuyers really look for from their home inspector? How do they choose? What do they want to see in their reports?

After conducting surveys with home inspectors and realtors, we were extremely curious about what recent homebuyers would have to say. Do their expectations match inspector assumptions and echo realtor preferences?

Well, we are still analyzing the data to answer all the questions, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek of what we are finding. One of the threads running through the results is that homebuyers want choice when it comes to their reports. One example of this is the format in which they receive their report.

The choices we gave were a traditional paper report, an emailed PDF, and a web page with hyperlinks with embedded media. While PDF won the battle, being preferred 59% to 52% over a web page, paper was still attractive to 42% of recent homebuyers.

What, you noticed that responses totaled more than 100%? Yes, we gave survey respondents the ability to pick multiple options, and they took full advantage. Thus, even though 42% said they wanted paper, a mere 14% of total respondents ONLY wanted paper. 86% also wanted a PDF, web page access, or both. In the under 35 year olds, the paper only preference drops below 10%.

These results confirmed our hunches at HomeHubZone™. That’s why HomeHubZone can post your finished inspection report as a web page, allow the buyer to download as a PDF, and selectively print pages from there. Learn more about HomeHubZone.

Stay tuned for more homebuyer survey results in the coming weeks!