Inspection Reporting that Matches How You Work

It’s official: HomeHubZone™ is now publicly available to all US and Canadian home inspectors looking for an innovative approach to inspection reporting, just in time for ASHI Inspection World.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we started by throwing out all preconceptions about reporting tools, and instead analyzed how inspectors worked both during and after the onsite inspection.

A Revolutionary Take on Inspection Reporting

The result is a revolutionary solution to what appeared to be a forms-based problem. Take for example how the system is organized. HomeHubZone allows you to fill out your report room-by-room, while still producing a report that is organized by system. This feature alone can save you tremendous time by eliminating the need to swap back and forth between screens when navigating an inspection.

“I’ve been in the industry for 18 years and have never seen anything like HomeHubZone. You can customize it any way you can imagine. Just perform your inspection and click your findings. It cuts your report time in 1/2 and realtors will love it. I wish it had been available years ago.”
Mike Altizer, Owner
The Home Inspector, LLC

In addition, HomeHubZone is launching with a number of intelligent features that can help you create better reports faster than ever before, including:

  • An intuitive interface that minimizes clicks and keystrokes.
  • Dynamic Smart Templates™ that automatically create the bones of your inspection report based on publically available property knowledge.
  • Patent-pending Smart Defaults™ that learn from your own use and common characteristics of local properties
  • Effortless cloud syncing between tablet and web apps that happens automatically whenever you have a connection.
  • Numerous customization options to tailor the report the way you like it.
  • Features your buyers will love, like Smart Summary Pages, recall checking, and links to appliance manuals.

HomeHubZone landscape dashboard

HomeHubZone kitchen appliances

Free During Launch Period

We are continuing an app-based approach to pricing during our launch period and beyond. Inspectors who sign up now will get a free 2 year HomeHubZone Premium Subscription. HomeHubZone has the potential to shave hours off your reporting time each week and we’d love to see as many inspectors adopt the software as possible. In return, we’d like your feedback.

We’ll be continuing to add new functionality at a rapid pace and we need you to tell us what you want to see most. Additionally, more new users means more tablet models and internet service providers. Your feedback will help us make sure that HomeHubZone will sync perfectly across all combinations.

Thanks to Our Testers

We can’t say enough how much we appreciate the input from our testers during the alpha and early adopter periods. This feedback has resulted in many new features, increased concern and item libraries, and numerous bug fixes. Thank you for your efforts!

See Us At the Shows

If you are heading out to San Diego this week, please stop by our booths and see us at ASHI Inspection World. We’d love to meet you!

Sign Up Now

If you’ve been waiting for HomeHubZone to get out of the beta/Early Adopter phase, now’s your chance. Be ahead of the curve in using software that will save you time and impress your customers, and still get 2 years free. Support and upgrades are included. Signup Now