A whole and hearty thank you goes out to all of our Alpha Testers and developers today. The HomeHubZone™ Early Adopter (beta) release is now up and available to use for your home inspections! We are super excited to have reached this milestone and are eager to hear what our 100+ Early Adopters have to say about its ground-breaking approach to home inspection reporting.

HomeHubZone takes its cue from home inspectors like you to provide an intuitive interface that works the way you do. Combined with knowledge from our patent-pending technology, you end up with software that is easier and faster to use, and inspection reports that are more impressive than ever before.

What have we been working on that makes HomeHubZone so different?

  • A reporting process that matches how you work and significantly reduces clicks and keystrokes.
  • Automatic cloud sync between tablet & web apps.
  • Features that delight your homebuyers and realtors, like Smart Summary Pages, Recall Checking and Links to Appliance Manuals.
  • Smart Templates™ and Smart Defaults™ that make setting up and completing your report a breeze.
  • And lots more!

Oh, and Early Adopters who complete 25 home inspections by March 31, 2016 get HomeHubZone FREE FOR LIFE.

We are going to cap the Early Adopters at 200 participants, which means that more than half the spots are already gone. If you’ve been thinking about signing up, now’s the time. To be an Early Adopter, all that you need is:

  • An active home inspection business.
  • A desire to be the first to experience a new approach to home inspection reporting.
  • An Android tablet running KitKat or Lollipop.
  • A bit of patience to work with early release software and provide feedback to our team.

Please check out our pricing page for more information about HomeHubZone and a list of FAQs. Then, sign up, if you’d like to participate and have the chance of getting the software for free.


If you choose to wait, we’ll keep you updated during this short Early Adopter phase and let you know when HomeHubZone officially launches.

Stay Tuned!