Do you use ISN for scheduling, contract signing and payment of your inspections? This spring we learned about a tip that streamlines access to your HomeHubZone reports. Instead of first accessing an ISN screen then accessing a HomeHubZone screen, your buyers and agents can access the HomeHubZone screen directly. If you use the ISN features to ensure the inspection is paid for and the contract is signed, those rules will still be enforced.  Using Direct Delivery, the experience for the homebuyer and the agent is far more pleasing and leads to higher satisfaction. How do you set this up you ask?

If you login to ISN and go to Settings / Office Settings as shown on the right==>

Then select Report Delivery Options

Then choose Direct Delivery

Voila! Streamlined access to your reports!

Special Considerations if you attach documents to your inspection using ISN: When you use direct delivery, those documents won’t be seen.  However, you can attach the documents using HomeHubZone and still get the benefit of streamlined delivery and attached documents.