We are excited to announce the release of HomeHubZone 2.1 which includes the officially released iPhone and iPad App and great new features for your homebuyer and you.

iOS App Ready for Prime Time
We are most excited to announce the full release of the iOS App for the iPhone and iPad.  After many months of testing and some dedicated and patient beta testers, this app is now ready for prime time.  Thanks to all of you who helped us get here.  The updated iOS app will be available from the App Store at some point during the week – depending on Apple’s approval process.

More Value for Your Buyer
The Buyer Features are now better than ever.  In addition to providing easy access to the HomeSavingsZone, it is now more feature rich –  the moving checklist has moved front and center, we have added tips for choosing insurance and transporting a car for long distance movers and some great links for preparing their new home and saving money.


Efficiency Gains for You

For those situations where you have pictures to upload from your infrared or external camera, the process of uploading all the images is simpler than ever.  Designed to take you from the beginning to the end of the process you can upload the images, assign them to a room and and item, add multiple concerns, annotate and set the location all from one simple process.  To learn more about how to use this new dialog, refer to this help topic or watch this video

Smart Templates Get Even Better

Finally, throughout the summer and through next week, we have been tweaking the data driving towards a more efficient process for you and adjusting to region-specific needs.  You will notice some new items, some default changes, a new system (insulation and ventilation) and a major change to how air conditioners, heat pumps, evaporator coils and air handlers are managed.  These are only seen on newly created inspections.

On top of that there are many little tweaks that have been driven by your feedback.

A Big Thank You

Thanks to all of you for providing your great insight along the way helping make HomeHubZone the best Home Inspection Reporting Software on the market.