We are officially off the ground and running.  We have raised our first round of funding and have 7 people diligently working on building our solution.

We are regularly challenging ourselves to re-think how the inspection is conducted without sacrificing the quality of the work and improving upon the home inspection report.  As a recent inspection customer, I can tell you my key ingredients to a great inspection report:

  • Understandable
  • Consumable
  • Visually Attractive
  • Transportable

Buyers need to understand the nature of the problem, the significance of the problem and the impact if not addressed.  They need to discern which problems they should report back to the seller and which represent those that they can handle on their own.

The inspection report has a lot of detail and the important details need to be simple to locate without feeling like you are searching for a needle in a haystack.  Much of the information on the inspection report is useful after the home sale has completed, but a few key elements are critical in that tight and precious window after contract signing while the contract is still “negotiable.”  The buyer needs to be able to locate these items quickly.

Although the style of the report doesn’t affect its content and meaning, the more visually appealing, the more confidence the buyer has in the report and the more professional the inspector appears.

The report audience isn’t just the buyer. The lawyer needs to understand the top issues and the seller and the seller’s lawyer should be able to view the same pictures and descriptions the buyer is viewing without seeing the entire report. The top issues in the report should be transportable to all the stakeholders in the process.