Not only does HomeHubZone™ provide a revolutionary inspection reporting experience, it also follows a different model than you may be used to for upgrading software. We’ve rolled out an update roughly every 2 to 3 weeks since we officially released the production version of HomeHubZone in January.

This does not mean that we are “still in development,” but rather that our developers continuously improve the production software for you! Our short release cycles have many benefits for HomeHubZone users:

  • You can look forward to new HomeHubZone features every few weeks. Big upgrades like those required to support multi-inspector firms may take us several cycles to fully develop, but we will keep releasing other features while those cook.
  • Your ongoing input directly affects what gets released. We continuously look at the enhancement requests we’ve received and use them to prioritize what we add next to the product.
  • You don’t have to wait for bug fixes. Reported bugs are prioritized, fixed, and rolled out continuously with our releases.
  • Upgrades are painless. You’ll see Web App changes automatically, whenever you logon. You can also set the Google Play Store to automatically update your HomeHubZone tablet app, to make sure you get all the new goodies as soon as they’re released.
  • Upgrades are free. We don’t charge you more when we add new features to HomeHubZone. If you are still in your free period, you get them automatically, and the same goes for subscription users.

We’ve had several positive comments from inspectors who are impressed with the pace and value of our recent enhancements. You can check out some of what we’ve added on our blog.

And, don’t think we’re taking a pause for summer vacation. We have several major updates planned for our HomeHubZone users over the next few months, including iOS and Multi-Inspector support, amongst other eagerly-awaited enhancements.

If you’ve been waiting to give HomeHubZone a try, it might be time to give us a look. You can signup here for one year free.

Or, if you checked us out a few months ago but didn’t see a feature you really wanted, download a new version of the app from the Google Play Store and give it another spin.