HomeHubZone Early Adopter (Beta) Release Update.

It’s been awhile since we’ve given an update on the much anticipated HomeHubZoneTM early release. This final development cycle is focused on ensuring that we deliver to you the best product possible, one you can depend on for your inspections and clients. We’re also taking the opportunity to top it off with some truly amazing features.

For the next 4-5 weeks, our developers will be heads down, adding the finishing touches to this truly revolutionary inspection reporting software. And, I’ll be incorporating all the great data we’ve received from our Alpha home inspector testers. These final additions will give you an even better head start to building your inspections when the release goes live.

So far, the feedback we’ve received from Alpha testers has been incredibly helpful, as well as affirming that the approach we are taking for inspection reporting will be much easier and faster for you to use. We are really excited to have you try it!

If you’d still like to get in on Early Adopter testing, and get HomeHubZone free for life, sign up now for free!

“HomeHubZone lets me concentrate on the details of the inspection instead of figuring out the software. I can create more organized, thorough, and easy to read reports in less time than ever before.”
George Agutter, Owner/Inspector
2B-Limitless RV Inspections

If you’ve already signed a nondisclosure, and/or have been an Alpha tester, there’s nothing you have to do. We’ll send out an email update when the HomeHubZone Early Release is available. So, please keep checking your inbox.

Thank you to all who have been taking this development ride with us, from survey participants, to Alpha testers, and those waiting patiently to start using the Early Adopter version.

We’ll see you at the finish line!