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Happy New Year: New Feature Round-up for Q4 2017

We are excited to make our first product announcement in the new year.  Just last night we released a new version of the Android, iOS and Web Apps with some key improvements.  This release coupled with our other fourth quarter releases brought you: Handling of new construction addresses Lots of data changes focused on improving [...]

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New Home for HomeHubZone

After a comprehensive search for a partner that not only shares our commitment to finding new ways to make home buying easier, but also aligns with our mission to provide the best home inspection reporting software, I am happy to announce that HomeHubZone has been acquired by American Family Insurance Mutual Holding Company (AFI Holdings). [...]

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Two New Avenues for Support

We are excited to announce that we are extending our support avenues by adding text and a new Facebook group.  So if you want an answer to that burning question, you can now get support by: Emailing us at support@homehubzone.com Calling us at 773.701.5590 Texting us at 773.701.5590 Reviewing our Help System for common questions and [...]

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Monthly Data Zone: Moisture, Leaks and Water

I’ve heard it again and again at every inspector conference I attend. “Water is the bane of every house” “Bane”.   A cause of great distress or annoyance.  Synonyms are nuisance, headache, nightmare, misery and woe. Given that water flows through the house like a kid can tear through a candy store and causes numerous issues [...]

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Great New Features and Fully Released iOS App

We are excited to announce the release of HomeHubZone 2.1 which includes the officially released iPhone and iPad App and great new features for your homebuyer and you. iOS App Ready for Prime Time We are most excited to announce the full release of the iOS App for the iPhone and iPad.  After many months [...]

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HomeHubZone nominated for Chicago Innovation Awards

HomeHubZone announced today that they have been nominated for the Chicago Innovation Awards.  Hailed as the largest annual celebration of innovation in the Midwest, Chicago’s business and civic leaders come together to honor the creative spirit of the Chicago region by recognizing the most innovative new products and services introduced in the market.  Winners each [...]

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MonthlyDataZone: Federal Pacific Panels

Do you ever talk to realtors who ask you how common some problem may be?  Are you looking to impress the realtors with your knowledge of the industry?  HomeHubZone is going to pull facts from our ever-growing database to help you gain more national and local knowledge about what is found in homes.  This month's [...]

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Sometimes Only A Video Tells A Thousand Words

According to Kleiner Perkins, in 2017, online video will account for 74% of all online traffic.  It has now become the defacto standard for communicating content on web pages and social media.  YouTube is also the GoTo source for how to do anything.  You want to know how to solve the Rubik’s cube?  Go to [...]

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Great Tip for ISN Users

Do you use ISN for scheduling, contract signing and payment of your inspections? This spring we learned about a tip that streamlines access to your HomeHubZone reports. Instead of first accessing an ISN screen then accessing a HomeHubZone screen, your buyers and agents can access the HomeHubZone screen directly. If you use the ISN features to [...]

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New Growth Opportunities with HomeHubZone (Announcement Sent Jan 25, 2017)

(This is a copy of the announcement that was sent January 25, 2017 to customers on record who were actively using HomeHubZone) While everyone has been busy enjoying the holiday season, we at HomeHubZone have been working diligently on a few exciting projects that will help grow your business and impress your clients. We are [...]

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